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Things to do in Farmington, NY


Local Events, Live Bands & Entertainment at Remedy

Live bands every Friday and Saturday night include all types of music at Remedy Bar & Lounge within Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack. Entertainment below is 8pm-midnight unless otherwise noted.

December 2017 Entertainment at Finger Lakes Gaming in Farmington, NY
Perform at Remedy in Finger Lakes Gaming in Farmington NY


Some of our bands have Facebook pages! Go to or Remedy's facebook page to see if your favorite has one!




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  • Club 55 hot seats every Wednesday, and more! | Live Thoroughbred Racing has returned! Click HERE for our current racing schedule!
  • Live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night at Remedy ! | click HERE to see our Jackpot Winners!
  • When Members win a jackpot, they are invited to our Jackpot Winners Celebration with even more chances to win! | It Pays to Win at Finger Lakes!
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